Sunday, April 12, 2015

Every Dang Day!!!

Kia ora Whanau back home!!

This week was another roller coaster... that's for sure!! 

Starting off... We had our Temple trip on Tuesday/Wednesday!! It was amazing!! I absolutely love the Temple! The spirit that is felt there is unlike any other!! I wish I could go there more often... but for now... my missionary work is for the living!! ;) But it was such a wonderful experience like always!! 

After the Temple, I went on an exchange with the New Plymouth elders. New Plymouth is probably the most beautiful place in Taranaki, so it was way cool!! We found a few Samoan houses also, which is always a blessing because there aren't as many Tongan/Samoan down south. But it's a blessing because they feed you heaps! Pumpkin in Coconut creme!! :) mmm!

General Conference was so great! I took 4 pages worth of notes!! I'll have to read them all over again because I was writing 90% of the time!! But I really enjoyed Elder Pearson's talk... He is the Pacific Area president... (He ate ice cream with us once...just sayin') But I loved when he said.. "Every Day, Every Day, Every Day!!" That right there is my only advice to all of you back home!! Flippin' read your Book of Mormon Every dang day!! It's so wonderful!! I've only read it 3 times now.. but I've already learned more on my 4th!! I love the Book of Mormon!! 

Lately our district has been going through some rough times! My companionship included!! This last week was a struggle!! Matthew and Wiki have come to the last 2 sacrament meetings... and seem keen as!! But all of the sudden... her mom and dad WILL NOT let them get married!! Which is important.. if you didn't listen to conference!! ;) So it's been hard!! But during every rough time we've had this week... I've kept my head up with a smile on my face!! I can do that now... because... I know why our message is important to me!! I know that my success is measured on MY commitment alone.. not how my investigators use their agency!! If I've tried my hardest... I can walk away thinking about my Savior telling me, "Well done!"... and I feel much better!! So that's what I'm going to give a training on tomorrow in District Meeting so everyone can have a little spiritual boost!! ;) 

This week flew by.. I drove for 3 days... so that was useless!! But other than that... that's my week!! ;) So I hope you enjoyed it!! ;) I miss you all!! ;) (well.. I don't know who's reading my emails.. but I hope I miss you!! ;) ) And love you heaps!! Have a wonderful week!! I'll talk to you soon!! :) 

Elder Butler

p.s. And yes mom and dad... It's been flippin' pouring here in Taranaki!! It rains a ton!! We just had to sprint to the chapel to email because it's coming down so hard!! ;) 

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