Monday, March 30, 2015

District Leader in Taranaki! :)


The emails i received today were absolutely amazing! When I saw the video of Josh opening his call I had to look away from Elder Canoy, who's sitting beside me, because I almost busted up crying!! It was unreal!! I'm more than proud of that kid!! Hanna has been in Washington for a while now, and loves it... and I know my good brotha Doughn (Josh) will love it also!! Flip that's awesome!! 

So I got some news this last week.... TRANSFERS!!! But guess who's staying in Taranaki for another 3 months!?! I AM!! And I couldn't be happier!! Taranaki is the zone that missionaries beg to stay in!! And little Elder Butler has just been called to be the District Leader in the best district in the mission!! So I am pumped as!! I love leadership positions because I learn way faster!! So it should be really good!! I'm nervous for my first training though!! 

District Conference was unbelievable!! (sorry mom... I forgot to take pics!!) ;) But Holy cow... I thought I was on the fourth row of General Conference!! President Rudd's talks were phenomenal!! The spirit just fills the room when he speaks!! And President Jones (1st counselor) spoke also... he's like my hero!! I learned so much!! I would tell you what I learned.. but I left my notes at home.. and I'm on a spiritual high at the moment after watching Doughn's video!! So maybe next time!

This paragraph is dedicated to Sister Lifferth heading off to Brazil soon!! I got a call from the sisters the other day and they wanted us to go do service with them for one of their investigators! So we went. This lady who we did service for was straight from Sao Paulo (I was hoping she was from further north but still... Brazil!!) She was absolutely hilarious!! She talked our flippin' ears off!! She was cracking jokes and telling us stories for HOURS!! Hanna is going to love the people there... if they're anything like Cassia... she's in for a treat!! ;) 

I'm sorry I don't have much to talk about this week.. I've been at leadership meetings... district conferences, and other stuff!! So I'm busy.. the way I like it!! I don't have too many pictures.. or stories... but just know that I'm doing great!! Oh.. by the way Delmond.. is actually Dalmon.. and he is the man!! Yesterday he took the 5 hour trip to the Temple to be there for his dear mother, sister Tutauha as she went through for the first time... he could only stay outside, but I can't wait to hear how he felt while he was there during FHE tonight!! 

Life is great!! Missionary work is the best!! My family is the greatest ever!! I love you all!! 

Ka kite ano,
Elder Butler 

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