Monday, March 23, 2015

Flippin Roller Coaster!!

Kia ora Elder Butler fans!! ;)

This week was a flippin roller coaster!! It had some really solid ups, and some definite, ridiculously low downs!! 

Starting off with the bummer stuff.. We had this REALLY solid investigator who we've been praying about, studying for, and had a date set for him for baptism. We were tracting the other day and ran into one of his work mates. He had heaps of questions.. and we were able to answer them all.. we bore powerful testimonies and everything!! But he was still very cold!! He's been telling our investigator a lot of crap!! So the other day we got a text from our investigator telling us that he doesn't want to meet any more... and he just flippin avoids us now! It's heartbreaking!! We can't even really do anything about him besides pray!! That is the number one hardest thing about missionary work!! 

Next... We had this dumb cat follow us home for about 2km. It thought we were it's parents... It wouldn't flippin leave our house!! It meowed at us ALL night long through our window!! And later the next day.. it found a way into our flat. So i got frustrated with it and picked it up and chucked it in the air over the fence!! I thought i saved the day until it was back 5 minutes later!! It tracted with us... studied with us... and everything else!! But finally we were tracting one day.. and this girl picked it up and took it home!! thank the heavens!! 

We've been doing service every week in the Tutauha's home. They are the cutest little Maori grandparents. They have a son named Delmond! He is the man.. but he's not a member!! He was telling us at dinner the other day that he allows the missionaries to share messages with him after they eat.. and he said he never used to do that.. but he's starting to get interested. So we share little scriptures now and then... but then we asked him if he would let us share the restoration with him.. and it was so solid!! I won't say too much.. not enough time.. but just know that the lesson went perfect!! He will be a solid member of the church of Jesus Christ in the, not to far, future!! 

Elder Canoy taught me how to make Chicken Adobo!! It's so good...and so easy!! So we eat chicken and rice for every other meal almost!! HEAPS of chicken!! The only problem... it's expensive! ;) 

We played some awesome volley last week!! Heaps of fun!! I absolutely love our district!! Usually when i'm with missionaries.. we get along just fine. but the missionaries in my district.. they are like my best friends!! I love them all!! 

That's all for now!! I love you guys bunches!! 

Ka Kite ano 

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