Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Solid Week


Another solid week in the wonderful district of Taranaki!! 

Starting off... We went to the beach on Monday. So fun!! The tide was way low, so we could go way out!! There was a big rock that would usually be covered in water.. but wasn't at the time.. so we went over to it and found heaps of muscles!! I was so proud of myself because I took a rock and cracked them open and ate them like it was nothing!! I can finally choke them down!! Mark that off my mission goals!! ;) We also saw a naked man just walking down the beach... poor sisters!! ;) I guess it has to be nice being that free.. but whatever!!

The rainy season is just around the corner!! We got the fore-shock of what's to come!! ;) We got completely dumped on the last few days. And we don't have a car!! I am very familiar with the Washer and Dryer now because of the amount of times we've had to change our wet clothes. 

On Sunday, one of the members in our ward was having a REALLY hard time with her child. It was a massive tantrum (like.. almost Jaycee status!! ;)) So I quickly looked through my bag to try to help her... I was in the zone.. I was determined to help this little child and his poor mother. So i found my whiteboard and markers and asked her if he'd like them. And the mom said "oh, that would be wonderful, thank you!!" So i gave them to him, and he immediately stopped crying. I was way happy.. I thought I saved the day... until 5 minutes later I saw the same kid drawing all over the face of his brother... with my markers!! :) It's the thought that counts I guess!! ;) 

So my mom wants me to talk about some of the investigators we have right now. Here in Taranaki, we don't have heaps.. but we have some very solid potentials. The Zone best is 4 baptisms in 1 month. So far, our zone has 6 solid sets, with 2 already this month, and 2 baptisms next week (including ours) We're going to wreck the zone best!! Taranaki is the new gold mine!! So anyways.. right now we're working with a few solid people. Murry is getting baptized next week. He has asked me to baptize him (which i'm way pumped about), He was converted from being a Jehovah's Witness... So he's a rare one!! The next person is Stacey, He's a man!! and he's THE MAN!! He gets SO pumped when we teach him.. and everything just makes sense to him... so he's a solid potential!! We have a cool, young, Maori family who we're working with, and a few others... But i wouldn't know what to tell you about them! 

We have some great members in our branch!! We had a solid feed at brother Hana's house!! and the Tutauha's always feed us. You would love sister Tutauha to pieces!! She's a little Maori grandma. She's hilarious!! We're over at their house often because of service. Every time someone is saying a prayer.. in the middle of it she says "OH... Thank you Heavenly Father!!" During the prayer!! It's so dang funny!! I can't help myself from almost laughing! 

That's all for now!! I have a few pics for you guys!! So stay tuned!! ;) Love you all heaps!! Cheers!! :) 

Ka Kite,
Elder Butler  

Rain, Rain, Go away!!  Come again...another day!!

Check out this dang Sunrise!!  It was unbelievable!!

Black Sand Beach in Patea!!

Me and my boy Waldron!!
Finding Muscles!!

Me and the crew on Americarna day!!
(They have heaps of American cars along the street that everyone takes pictures of and stuff...lots of fun!)

I don't know what's going on here!! ;)

Looking Shux as!! ;) Power to the Bros!! 

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