Monday, March 16, 2015

...that is why I'm here!!

Hello lovely people back home!! :)

It was such a wonderful week!! I don't have hardly anything to talk about because it went by so quick with the vacation to Hamilton again, but here it goes.

This week we had a Baptism. His name is Murry Johnson. He's hilarious. He asked me to baptize him on Saturday, so that was definitely a good experience. The spirit was definitely present... and i love it when it is!! 

We took another vacation to Hamilton to see Elder Neilson of the Seventy. His conference was so awesome!! It lasted for like 4 hours (luckily we had a nice lunch in between.) I left my dang rain coat in Hamilton!! and the weather has not been very nice to me. We are expecting the cyclone from Vanuatu to hit us also... so we've had some unreal rain! And all i have is an umbrella!! So hopefully the Zone Leaders bring me my jacket soon!

I gave a blessing to one of the sisters in our ward this week. Man the spirit was amazing!! That's all i have to say about that!! ;) 

I got 2 greenstones this week! I've been wanting them SO bad!! It's a huge Maori thing!! (they're very expensive!!) The Brownings gave me the first one for my birthday... (you give people greenstones when they mean something to you. And to let them know that you'll always be part of their Whanau! So they mean a lot!!) Then Elder Waldron gave me one when we went to Hamilton!! I'll send pictures of them!! 

I had a nice little flashback the other day!! ;) Almost brought me to tears! I was looking in the "preparing to enter the temple" book and saw a wonderful picture of the Celestial room in the Salt Lake Temple. The middle couch in that picture is where I sat with my sweet mama just a few days before I took the long journey to New Zealand!! It was so wonderful!! That was one of the best experiences of my life.. and I will always remember it!! I have been to the Temple plenty of times.. but that one time... I will never forget!! 

That's all I have for this week... sorry it's so short!! It went by so fast!! But just know that I love you guys!! The church is true!! I love it.. and it has blessed my life more than anything!! and that is why I'm here!! 


Elder Butler
My Greenstones...Left (Brownings) ...Right (Waldron)
They're see-through!  I love the Maori culture!!
Murray's Baptism:)
The park next to our house...lots of duckies!!  We teach one of our investigators on this bench that I'm sitting on.

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