Sunday, January 11, 2015

Never ignore a prompting...

Kia ora everyone!!

Solid as flippin week bros!! :) dang... 

Starting out... last P day we went to the park to go play volley, way fun.. we met some islanders there and they all joined. But after they left it got a little boring... so i looked around and found some ballers over on the courts. So i told Lingwall and Koi that we needed to go smash them. so we went over and asked if we could play... they had 4 and we had 3. But being the over confident person that i am sometimes.. i told them we could handle playing 3 on 4. We started out... I hit a shot from up top.. they all started freaking out... so we got the ball back next play.. i just throw it down. They almost died. We absolutely wrecked them. I threw some alley oops to LIngwall.. and we were just hitting everything. We made good friends with them.. but at the end they were like, "man... we're never coming back here again!!" It was hilarious!! It's always nice to show everyone that missionaries are real people also!! ;) Oh.. we started getting a good little crowd too!! I loved it!! :) 

Here's my cool story for the week!! So we were tracting down a road I haven't been on in months.. and i had this crazy prompting to go talk to these two ladies who were sitting outside the house smoking. I was way hesitant because i've delt with people like this before!! But I got the guts to go talk to them finally.. and they were pretty nice.. but just didn't care about what i had to say. So i was questioning myself about why i received a feeling to go talk to them. Then at the end.. they gave us a referral. So we contacted the referral right away. We met this brotha named Keanu (Maori/Pakeha) who was literally searching for Jesus Christ and the truth in his life. We taught him the Restoration, set him for Baptism, and brought him to church 2 days later. It was a miracle!! He's had some crazy things happen in his life.. and the gospel is exactly what he needed. 

I'm bummed we had to push some of the Baptism dates back a little bit.. because i don't think i'll be here any more!! Hopefully i get to see at least 1. But if not.. that's okay.. It's all the same work!! :) 

So there's the cool story for the week.. but i also have a bummer one. I don't know if i told you about our investigator...the one with cancer. She was the nicest little lady I've met. We saw a bunch of people outside her house for a get-together. So we joined in.. knowing that she wasn't well. The doctors gave her a day to live.. so we went to go say goodbye. It was so sad!! I've never seen anything like it before. But I'm so glad we were able to give her a blessing and teach her the plan of Salvation only a couple weeks earlier. 

So that was too bad.. but other than that.. my week was solid! We went over to a Samoan house for a lesson.. and they gave us this massive feed!! I finished the first serving.. thinking that was all. and they piled it up again!! I absolutely love the islanders!! Me and Elder Lingwall had to come up with a plan so we could eat most of it though.. and not throw up!! It was dang nice though!! :) 

We do something called Rescue Visits every Sunday where we go to all the less actives houses and see how they're doing, and share a message. So we had that yesterday.. and while we were at a house.. we looked across the street and this full-on fist fight broke out between heaps of drunk people!! It was terrible.. It was hilarious to watch.. but they all had little kids.. so i felt terrible. 

That's it for the week!! I love you all!! :) Ofa lahi atu!! :) 

your favorite Elder,
Elda Butla 

For some reason they LOVE climbing on mine and Elder Lingwall's backs.  Not anybody else's.  Just ours...

Brother Harris' (Ward Mission Leader) kids...they are the craziest in all of New Zealand I'm pretty sure!

This is what we do at MCM.  They grab my legs and sit on my feet and make me walk.  You guys would love these little kids!!  They are HEAPS of fun!! :)

I got distracted during studies and drew out a detailed version of the Plan of Salvation! :)

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