Monday, January 19, 2015

Manurewa is a dang gold mine!!

Sadshriakal my wonderful family... (a greeting in Punjab) ;) haha,

This week was crazy!! Well.. one day was crazy! Let me tell you. So me and Lingwall fell asleep at about 10 and i was completely out. Then in the middle of my sleep i hear, "Elder Butler, get up, hurry!!" So I rushed to the window to see about 2 massive mobs of about 20 people each (about 5-7 feet away from our bedroom window) just beating the crap out of each other!! They were destroying our fence by ripping off the boards with massive nails and beating people with them. Girls were getting their hair ripped out and people were getting slammed into the fence of our house. I've never seen anything like it in my life. So Elder Lingwall hurries and calls the cops... They came a few short minutes later and we watched them jump the fences and run. The cops turned the corner and then turned his lights on... so we don't know what happened after that! But it was unreal... We guessing it was a gang related fight.. seeing that there were about 40 people involved. But me and Lingwall got front row seat action!! It was mean as!! ;) 

Now on to the more spiritual side of the week. Keanu (our baptism set) is doing great!! He's the man!! He has been telling us lately.. "man.. it's crazy how you guys showed up just at the right time!!" and we're like.."nah.. not really that crazy... pretty normal actually!!" ;) We taught him the first 4 lessons in a week and 1/2.. and he's taken all of them really well!! We're shooting for February 7... so we're hoping/praying he can do it!! The other day he saw my long black Nike socks with my church clothes.. and he was pumped!! He was like "man.. the only long nike's they have here are fake... and the nike is upside down (from China)!! ;) So i brought him a nice pair of untouched, black Nike socks.. He was so dang excited!! I'm all..."bro.. i have like 15 pairs back at the flat." :) 

I don't know if i've told you yet.. but we got another new set also.. after Keanu. His name is Paul. He was a referral from the office. We set him for baptism on the first lesson. So sick!! Manurewa is a dang gold mine!! I'm just disappointed because i'll be leaving soon.. most likely!! :/

Last but not least... Clinton (our last baptism) is an UNREAL carver. He has his own business called Tribal Designs. He makes Ukuleles, cultural war things and.. just some amazing stuff!! It would literally blow your mind. So i've been trying to have him make me something for ages!! But he's just so dang busy!! But the last couple weeks he's been letting us come over on P day to make something. He said he would show us how to make a little gift.. but we got to his house last week, and he had the design for a massive Cook Island war club!! It's mean as!!! He showed us how to make them.. and he helps us with the tools and stuff.. then he pretty much just cleans it up for us after... then he's going to carve patents in it!! I'm so pumped! 

So that's about it for the week!! Nothing too crazy.. besides a massive riot!! But it was a good week overall!! 

I love you guys a ton!! I miss you heaps!! Thank you for all the letters and emails!! I absolutely love them!! ofa atu.. and laterz!! ;) 

Elder Butler

They stole the boards off of our gate to smash people...Freaking insane!

 Our Samoan friends!! #lunchtime It's way too hot to wear our pants.. so i had to rep my Utah shorts!! ;) 

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