Monday, November 10, 2014

Sometimes You Just Need a Good Laugh!

Hey there fam,

So i pretty much had a great week!! ;) let me just tell you how it went down!!

Story time... So before my 12th grade year started, my dad had this strong feeling that i needed to continue taking spanish in school because it would be useful on my mission. It was awesome. The spirit was working with him for sure!! Then March rolls around and I opened my call to Hamilton, New Zealand. In the back on my mind (totally kidding around) I said, "oh.. I guess dad received some false revelation!!" Nobody speaks spanish in New Zealand. There's a bunch of islanders.. that's all. But this week i finally realized that my dad really was in tune with the spirit. We went over to a less active's house named Bro. Figueroa. He hasn't been to church in YEARS!! He has a lot of bad feelings towards the members. But... He's from Columbia. When we went to visit him this week. I was able to become good friends with Bro. Figueroa and break the ice with him because i could understand all his language, and even talk a little Spanish with him (which he enjoyed). We got out of his house, and elder Wangsgard said he didn't understand anything!! That's when i thought about dad..  and how grateful i am that he has lived his life in such a way, that the spirit can communicate with him.. so i could touch someone's life on my mission!! 

There's the story for the week. So next.. We went on exchanges this week with Elder Cox (the Elder who's mom you found on Facebook). We absolutely killed it. The highlight of my week though was when we got a referral from our good friend Dominick. We went straight to his house after we received it. I realized how much my testimony has grown of the Book of Mormon. Here's a 175 pound, 6'1 (good looking as!! ;) ) missionary who was in tears while bearing his testimony of the Book of Mormon!! It was so terrible, and amazing at the same time!! :) 

Man.. i guess i do have a few more stories this week. So our area has a neighborhood with ALL Indians.. and we were there a little bit this week. Me and Elder Wangsgard met a man named Jit... Very nice man. But being the naughty elders we are.. we cracked jokes the whole way home. "Holy Jit!!" "oh man.. something stinks in our kitchen.. it smells like Jit!!" Ha.. it was funny. :) I promise i'm mature, but i needed a good laugh!! :) 

This week was a holiday called Guy Fawkes.. similar to our 4th of July. Long story short.. i had a hard time sleeping with fireworks til 2 in the morning. 

The people here are so great! Especially the Scanlins (kopo). Islanders love a good laugh.. that's just how their culture is!! So i was pretty proud of myself when the Scanlins told the sisters that Elder Butler is the funniest person to walk the earth!! It's always good to have a little fun while smashing people with the gospel!! :) 

Oh man.. So we had Elder Cox, Elder Wangsgard, and Elder Prasad in our flat the other day.. and I started singing, "ohhhh, oh, oh oh" and they all followed singing "for the longest time!!" I died.. I was so glad they knew that song. It brought me right back to basketball season. :)

That's it for the most part!! It was an awesome week! I have a few pictures also.. so just wait!! :) 

Elda Butla 

Me and Elder Cox.. posing with our beloved bikes!! Just about ready to take off
and "thresh the Nations!!" (D&C 35) 

The other side of our area.. We don't come here much because there's like 10 houses... and 1 million sheep. But the gospel needs to be preached to all creatures. So me and Elder Cox took a trip. 

Good Morning REWA!!! :)

Sister Scanlin had the book "Rare Air" at her house. So i saw the "wings" picture of Michael Jordan.. and had to make a copy. This picture is entitled.... "Air Elder" :)  and this lava lava is the one Elder Wark gave me.. solid as aye?!!! 

I love this picture because it's legit. Elder Wangsgard didn't know the picture was being taken. So this is mission life at it's finest!! 

Me.. Walking.. down a long as driveway. 

If i don't get an email from someone (mom) about how proud they are of me for this picture... then i have failed as a missionary/son. 

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