Monday, November 3, 2014


Kia Ora everyone!!

It's been a pretty solid week. It started out way rough though. Freaking got a migraine on Monday, sat out the whole night!! Man i forgot a bunch of stuff in my email last week. Like the most important thing.. Someone came in the chapel during our baptism on Thursday and crapped on Elder Wangsgard's suit and put it in the toilet!! ;) I'll never forget that moment when he called me into the bathroom to show me:) So that was a bummer for him.. but president even busted up laughing when he heard about it. :)

So this week went by pretty fast.. On Monday we walked into the gym and found like 50 Samoans playing "Volley" with a bunch of courts set up. It was pretty much a dream come true. They invited me to play the second i walked in the gym. It was so much fun. They are solid as!!

We went on two exchanges this week. I went with Elder Puckridge (Zone Leader from Australia) for the first one. And Elder Gilmore (England) for the second. It was a good time. Jaycee would have died over their accents. I don't have much of an accent at all because i'm in Manurewa where all the islanders are. So I've picked up on the islander slang.. but that's about it. 

So last Monday i was reading my Patriarchal blessing. It has a huge part where it talks about my mission. It says how i'll interact with many new cultures and a lot of other things along those lines. So i went to the store and bought a little globe. I started marking all of our investigators that live in different countries. So far I've had investigators from a little over 30 different countries. from crazy ones too.. Bangladesh, Iraq, Morocco, Zimbabwe, and many others. So pretty much.. Manurewa might not be the most beautiful place in New Zealand, But i've learned that this is where the biggest variety of cultures is in all of NZ. So it showed me that this really is where i am meant to be. The Lord knew where i was supposed to be, and he sent me here.. So i thought that was cool.

Just some random info... Elder Wark gave me the sickest Lava Lava ever!! It's purple and light blue!! It's so sick!!

When me and Elder Gilmore were on exchanges.. we found this lady named Vicki. She seemed keen as when it came to the gospel, and told us to come back later. When we came back we walked up to her door to find a card that said "to Elder Butler and Wangsgard." (because Elder Gilmore put our names on the back of a pamphlet) So we opened it up and there was all of our stuff we gave her, and she wrote us a note that said, "i wish to not learn any more about the mormon faith.. don't come back please." I thought it was hilarious. She had a lot of questions about the word of wisdom, and i think that stopped her from being interested:) it was way funny though!! 

I finished the Doctrine and Covenants this week.. now starting the Pearl of Great Price!! Well i'm almost done with that too.. so i'll be starting the Book of Mormon again:) 

That's about it this week!! Hopefully i didn't forget too much. Thank you to all i've received letters from!! I really do love them. I have ALL of them in a binder that i will keep forever!! :) I love you all!! The gospel is true!!

Ka Kite,
Elder Butler

My Little Globe:)

So this picture is me.. posing with bananas.. But they're not just "bananas." They are bananas from my dear buddy Rajj (from India) He lets us pick from his food truck before he gives the rest to the pigs!! :) and this river is the one where we're going eeling soon (fishing for eels!!)   :) 

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