Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kia Ora my favorite Whanau of all time,

It was definitely an interesting week. I met some very different people!!;) so let me tell ya... it's a weird as story.
So me and Elder Wangsgard were just coming out of a house when a man down the street yelled at us. He said something like "what are you guys doing?" "What's your occupation?" so we went on and told him about the church and he got way weird. Me and Elder Wangsgard got this, almost devilish feeling.. so we were like, "man, we've gotta leave!" and he started yelling at us and saying "you think you're servants of Jesus.. you think Jesus would turn his back on me like you did!?" then he starting yelling at people who we were passing saying, "Hey! these fellas think they're going to be saved by Jesus!" He went on mocking us for like 10 minutes until he said.. "I want to kill you guys, and in my culture.. we don't hurt, we Kill! but I'm not going to do it myself, I'm going to put a curse on you... I curse you guys that you will be smitten with disease, or killed on the streets." Then he went on mocking us for a few more minutes and left. I've don't think i've ever been closer to the presence of the devil in my life... but the amazing thing was... I've also never felt so sure of myself. I've never felt so strongly that i was making the right decision in my life! It was definitely a huge testimony builder for me. 

So that's crazy story number 1. The next one is pretty similar. So the man we baptized the other week's name was Peter, and we heard he was going through some struggles so we went to visit him. He then told us that he was visited by a crowd of Samoans with knifes and machetes threatening to kill him because they thought he stole their TV. So Peter.. being pissed off because he was being threatened in front of his children grabs a freaking sword that he has on his wall.. and starts yelling at them. He then called the cops and they got all the Samoans!! ;) Freaking hilarious!

So just a few random things that happened...
I got my first package in the mail!! Thank you to whoever sent it.. I love you dearly!! Oh wait.. It's from ME!! ;) I bought myself a hymn book because i sing my little heart out over here!! :) The ward mission leader even told me i have a great voice.. I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic but i'm taking it anyway! :)

I gave a solid as talk in Sacrament and freaking smashed everyone!! And we had one of my G brothas there with Peter! ;) His name is Reon.. Biggest gangster i've ever met. But i had some weird feeling to invite him to church on Saturday, and to my surprise... he was front row in sacrament the next morning. He's my Boy!! 

I found some dang good ballers here in NZ. So being Elder Butler.. I invited them all to play ball today for our P day.. No more of this missionary ball!! :) So i'll let you know how that goes! 

Anyways.. the people here are great. I'm in a REALLY poor area, but it's amazing how when we have a lesson with someone... We always come out of there with heaps of food!! :) Oh.. and my favorite food is definitely Kumara.. the sweet potato here is solid as!! So bad news for McKay.. We didn't get paid this morning, so i had 3 Peanut Butter sandwiches for breakfast because i spent all my money last week!! Then to my surprise, i figured out that i'm dumb because i ate my weeks supply of Peanut Butter:/ gosh dang... 

well.. You are all so great!! Riley.. brotha.. Malo lelei my man.. fefe hake!!? That's freaking sweet buddy!! 

Have a wonderful as week!! I love you Heaps upon heaps!!

-Elder Butler

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