Monday, September 15, 2014

A Little Rain in the Shoes...NO PROBLEM!

Kia Ora everyone, 
I don't have much to write about this time, so forgive me. It's been a great week though. I'm lovin life:) Nothing too crazy has happened this week, so in this letter.. i want to focus on ME:) ha, I know... Nothing new. But in all seriousness, I've changed in many ways. I'm still the same old, crazy McKay Butler, but I feel different. In the beginning of my mission I dreaded studying for the first 3 hours of my day. I would say "man, i'm not even done with my breakfast yet and i have to open my scriptures!!" Now... I'm like "dang I need to hurry up and eat so i can open my Book of Mormon 15 minutes early so i have more time to study!!" Weird as.. but I've learned a ton! Every time i open my book i learn something new. I didn't know the Scriptures had so many amazing things in them. But now that i'm really searching... It's crazy!! 
Also.. my attitude towards my mission has improved greatly. The other day we were biking far from our flat. I had my pants tucked in my socks so they wouldn't get caught on the pedals. It started pouring!! Craziest rain i've seen. you could seriously take my pants and ring them out and fill a bucket with water! It was unreal. My socks got socking wet, and filled my shoes. I was getting nailed with rain while going over crazy hills and having absolutely no luck. But I was happier than ever. I thought it was wonderful! I was out in the middle of nowhere on a bike, in a massive storm, serving my Savior.. It was just a great feeling. 
So there's Elder Butler for ya... Here's a few things I did this week though.
Last wednesday, we had another exchange with the Zone Leaders. The elder i went with is honestly one of the best missionaries i've seen. He is straight out of Scotland. He sound like a dang leprechaun. I love him to death but i wanted to freaking smack him in the face when he told me his name... He's from the UK and his name is Calum. I thought of Jaycee and her crazy boy bands right away ;)
Here in South Auckland, there's gangsters everywhere. They are hilarious though. They are mean and scary, but when they see us they all say "god bless you brothas." one of them came up to us the other day and said, "if anyone ever messes with you guys, i got your back brothas!" ha.. so nobody worry about Mckay, because i got the G's from Manurewa on my side;)
I'm slowly learning how to differentiate the islanders. They are all brown.. but new zealand has a ton of different nationalities. I learned if they say "Kia ora" they're maori.. Talofa (Samoan)... Malo Lelei (Tongan)...Kia orana, Cook Island. It comes in handy.. especially when you ask them about their culture. 
I tried my first Cocoa Samoa the other day. It's a Samoan drink that they have all the time. It's nasty. It's cocoa...and hot water!! They need to be exposed to Hot Chocolate:)
Anyways... I love you all! Miss you HEAPS!! 
Your palangi, pakeha, (white) Missionary,
Eldah Butlah

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