Monday, September 8, 2014

First Baptism...or Two!!

**Note:  A typical phrase in New Zealand is sometimes followed by "as".  For example, - “sweet as,” “choice as,” “mean as,” (all meaning “cool” or “sweet” in American lingo).  Looks like Elder B has already picked up on this!  Hope you enjoy the letter and pictures!   Robin

Kia Ora!!!

Gosh it was an awesome as week! I can't be too long, but i'll try to type fast. So starting out with the good stuff. I got my first baptism this week. Actually two of them. Very cool experience. the best though was being able to confirm them in sacrament! It was scary as but very neat!

I went on my first exchange with one of the Zone Leaders. He's from Draper. I learned a ton from him. It was the first time i've seen the water too. In the morning we went on a run around the bay. It wasn't the prettiest, but i was satisfied.
 Remember when i told you i was coming out of my singing shell?? Ya... me and my companion go around and sing to less active people, and at dinners, we sing hymns for refferals.
 I had my first couple feeds (dinners). So dang good!! Check this out though.. they have a TON of sweet potatoes. The island sweet potato is called Kumara! I wasn't too excited about eating it. But i took a bite, and holy cow... It was dang good! So i smashed like 3 of them!!  I eat a freaking ton. The other day me and my companion downed like 10 pieces of pizza each right before dinner. and last night we had dinner with an Australian family. It was so good, but i came home and had a nice peanut butter sandwich and some kiwis. My goodness gracious, the kiwis here are solid as!!! They're cheap here because they're grown locally. Every time i go to the store i buy a box of them for only like 6 bucks. I eat probably 3 or 4 a day. They are delicious!! I found my juice of choice here. (my bolthouse farms replacement) It's called Just Juice. They come in like a 2 liter carton. They taste like bolthouse, but they are like 3 for 5 bucks!! 

Funny story... We went up to a door, and a gay guy answered. He said "you guys hate me because i'm gay!" so for like 5 minutes we explained to him that we love everyone even if he was gay, but we had a message that would bless his life. So elder Wangsgard said "do you mind if we leave a pamphlet with you that you could look over?" He had 5 pamphlets in his hand. elder Wangsgard said "i don't really know which one to give you." and the gay guy said. "oh here... just hold them out and i'll randomly pick one!" so we agreed. He picked the only Law of Chastity one that we had!! He closed the door, and we starting dying!!! It was so funny. 

Anyways... It's been a great week! I'm learning and loving every day!

Ka Kite,
you're favorite kiwi ever,
Elder Butler

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