Monday, September 1, 2014

My First Area, Manurewa (South Auckland)

Kia Ora everyone,

I have a lot of things to tell you but don't know how to tie them all together. So just be ready for a messy email. 

I'm out in my first area. I'm loving the work so far. I've learned a ton from my new companion Elder Wangsgard! I was assigned to the Manurewa area for my don't expect very many pictures soon. I'm in South Auckland, very very poor. I know I'm here for a reason though. There are people prepared for me here..and i just have to keep telling myself that. Just to scare you mom... I live on the most dangerous street in all of NZ. Home of the Black Power gang and a few others:) 

Meeting President/sister Rudd was very cool. They are great people. I'm far away from them now though so I probably won't be seeing them anytime soon.

The first song we sang at president's house was "Have I Done Any Good." I absolutely loved it because I could just picture grandma Connolly coming in my room in the morning singing "wake up...and do something more, than dream of your mansion above!!!":) 

I've eaten pretty well so far. A sister in our ward, sister Pereira made us lasagna... SO GOOD! Don't worry though dad it wasn't even close to yours. 

I also thought about you guys when my companion made me chocolate chip waffles for breakfast the other day. I downed 3 of those bad boys. 

Me and elder Wangsgard throw down a nice run every other morning, and a workout every morning. So I feel pretty good!!

So I'll actually tell you some of the spiritual stuff that's going on I guess.. cause i'm kinda on a mission. So the other day me and elder Wangsgard were out tracting because all of our plans were messed up. So we said a prayer in the car beforehand asking Heavenly Father to guide us in where we needed to go. So we got out of the car and went to two different houses. The first one we were met by a "very nice lady" who told us she didn't care and to go away. The second house a "wonderful" man opened the door and said "read the sign...we don't talk to people." SLAM!! alright... so we went back to the car. It was almost time to go back to the flat but we thought it would be best to say one more prayer. After that we drove around for a bit, and ended up at a house.. it was our last try of the night. An Indian man opened the door. So deep inside i was thinking "oh great, another muslim or hindu that doesn't give a darn about what we have to say." But surprisingly he let us in. We taught him the restoration and he was very into it. We invited him to be baptized. He wasn't sure yet, so we're going to have him come to church next week! We got out of that house and I was almost in tears. It was the best feeling ever knowing that god answered our prayers and helped us. 

The people here are great. But the word of wisdom is a HUGE issue. Our solid investigator Peter is getting baptized next Saturday. I'm so happy for him because he's had to give up a ton for the gospel. He's had such a rough life, and this is exactly what he needs. It's been a huge eye opener seeing all these great people. I'm definitely not in Utah any more. My mission has truly changed me in several ways. Even in just the first few weeks. I see people differently. I have a better love for them. The book of Mormon... I've learned so much more, and actually enjoy it. We met a man named Stoney. He was a huge man who LOVES smoking weed(he told us that). He is on house arrest, and just got out of Jail. He has 5 kids. When we talked to him, I wanted to do nothing more, but help him and provide service for him so he could change his life. Because that's what he said he wanted. 

Gosh this work is so great. It's dang hard, but it's awesome. 

Oh by the way. Damn and Hell aren't swear words here. but don't worry because I promised i wouldn't say them. So i don't bring them back to the states. The first thing i heard though from one of the Australians in our district. Was "What the Hell is wrong with you Damnit!!"  I was a little confused. Elder Wangsgard then said that the Bishops and people giving talks in church will get up and say them all the time. It's pretty funny!! 

The first time i took a shower here...I turned the water pressure up too high.. and it drenched the whole bathroom. I guess that was a prompting that i wasn't working hard enough or something. :)

Well anyways. I love you all!! You guys are sweet as. I will talk to you again next week:)

oh and by the way..i'm sorry for my typing errors.. this computer is dumb and won't let me fix them. so whatever! 

Elder Butler

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