Sunday, June 26, 2016

Well, poo...

Hello, Hello!!!

That was honestly one of the meanest weeks of all time! It was just so good! 

Let me start out by telling you a wonderful story. We live next door to the Tongan elders, and one night, Elder Finau came over when we were in bed because he needed to grab something. So we just chilled in bed while he talked to us for a bit at the door. Then he turned off the light and said goodbye, and left (we thought). About 5 minutes later the lights turned on and we heard this horrific scream. Scared the living crap out of us.... and sadly for Johnson, it literally scared the crap out of him! Haha the fella pooped his pants on accident because he was so scared! It was absolutely hilarious! So that was my funny moment of the week! ;)

The protocols were taken away a couple of weeks ago. So we don't have as many rules, as of right now. So we've been jamming to Disney music. Talk about trunkiness... "Can... you feel... the love tonight?!" It's been pretty sweet though! ;)

We had the greatest Sunday of all time yesterday. So many investigators came to church! And I was the final speaker. It went very well! Our investigators talked to us after and said they loved church! Elder Johnson and I were so happy! It was just a wonderful day, and everything went perfectly as planned! 

The Scanlan's! Remember Lakopo Scanlan? I baptized him in Manurewa. Well, they took me and Elder Johnson out to lunch the other day! It was so amazing to see them! They're still doing so well, and they're planning out their date for the temple! They are such an amazing family!

We did service for our Bishop this week. He's moving, sadly. I flippin' love our bishop! He's the absolute man! But it was heaps of fun. He gave me HEAPS of encouragement and info about becoming a doctor! He's so sweet!

We met the nicest family of all time the other day. They're from Zimbabwe. We're giving them a Book of Mormon in the Shona language. They're so wonderful! But on the way to their house, Elder Johnson stepped right in a massive dog poo. So I started cracking up! I was dying.... and all of the sudden I looked down on my jacket, and a bird pooped on me! So you could say that it was a pretty crappy day...but it was actually all good! ;) (sorry for all the poo stories this week!) :)

That's about it for now. We're working hard as! We're having heaps of success. I love the people here. I love the ward. I love my companion. I love our zone. Everything's just going great!

I love you guys heaps!
Elder Butler  

The Scanlan's after lunch!! :) 

The fellas!! Zesiger and Tibbitts going home on Thursday! I love these fellas heaps! They've been with us the past few days, and I'm gonna miss them! Luckily we all stay pretty close though!

My cuzzie!

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