Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hokimate :)

Kia ora everyone!

I shouldn't tell you that I've gotten trunkier in the last 5 minutes, but I have! ;) The mish life is flippin' mean as, but honestly, I can't even remember my life back home almost. I feel like I've been in New Zealand my whole entire life, and knocking doors is the only thing I've ever known! I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's true. I was telling Elder Johnson about some of my stories from back home with my friends, and I couldn't even remember what their last names were! What the flip?! :/ Oh well... It's all good though! 

Alright, trunkiness is gone... 

Okay... flippin' Hanna got home! My goodness! Also President & Sister Rudd, Elder Zesiger, Elder Tibbitts, and heaps more! MAN!!!!! Okay... NOW my trunkiness is over! 

So, this week was pretty solid! We had a pretty cool experience with a lady named Hokimate (Ho key ma tay). We were tracting the other week when we found her. She wasn't very nice to us in the beginning, so we weren't too keen on returning. But, we went back to her house a few days later, and she was the same. So a week went by and we were in the area, and we decided to stop by again...who knows why? This time, she was completely different. She was a less active for about 40 years, and she wasn't too excited when she saw us coming over, but then she said she felt the spirit for the first time in 40 years when we walked through her gate. So it must have been time for her to start making her way back. It was a wonderful thing to hear! We continued to visit her throughout this week, and she loves us. We finally shared a message with her, and she's working on coming back to church! We'll get her there!

 Also, we've been playing 5x5 ball on Friday nights at the Rec center for our 8:00 finding activity. It's mean as. And we've been balling with this fella named Jordan. We've gained a really solid relationship with all of those fellas because we have been playing really well! :) But one day, we went and knocked on Hokimate's door, and Jordan answered. It's her flippin' son! So we found a mean part-member family!

Also during ball, I became good mates with a North-African fella. He's a Muslim, but he's nice as. He said to me, "Man, I really respect what you guys do. These fella's have heaps of good things to say about you as well!" He was nice as. He just moved here from Denmark, so he's the flippin' man. Good baller as well! 

So we have a new Mission President now. I haven't even met him yet. But I have an interview with him tomorrow, so that should be sweet! He's from AUS, so he has to be a bit weird! ;) I'm going to miss President and Sister Rudd though, they were the flippin' bomb! I love them so much! 

We're having a 4th of July waffle party today. That should be pretty solid.. all thanks to the FACs (Fun activities coordinators) aka Elder Butler & Elder Johnson. Elder Bauder was the FAC for a while but we had to release him because he wasn't magnifying his calling, but all good! ;) Also, one of the Stake Leaders is bringing over the massive SUMO suits for us to fight each other with.. It should be flippin' solid! ;)

Alright.. That's about it. I can't remember much more because I forgot to write down my "email moments" throughout the week. :/ But I hope you're satisfied with this email! ;) 

I love you all heaps! 

Elder Butler 

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