Sunday, June 12, 2016

President Rudd-One of the Greatest Men to Walk the Earth

Kia ora, Kia ora!!!

Well, it was another pretty mean week. Nothing too crazy to write about though...but it was soild!

MLC on Tuesday...Wow! I traveled down to Hamilton to have our usual meeting after transfers. It was honestly so amazing. This was president's last MLC ever in the Hamilton mission! So it was very sad, but so spiritual at the same time. He is honestly one of the greatest men to walk the earth. His testimony always blows my mind, because of how strongly the Spirit testifies to me that what he is saying is true! It was wonderful seeing all my boys again as well. Elder Lingwall, Fellingham, Fameitau, Bowman, and heaps of others.. I love them all! 

After MLC we went to the distribution center at the visitor's center by the Temple. I told the bro's I was riding with that I'd be so fast...but then I looked over, and there was triplet #1 (Sister Chudleigh). It was so awesome to catch up with her. And I can't wait to get all three trips back together! ;) So I ended up not being really fast in the distribution center like I thought! ;)

Mom??? I didn't know that you knew the style these days. I was going to ask for some nice Stance socks and Penguin ties, but you beat me to it! Those are like my two favorite things! My new ties and socks are mean as! Also, I didn't bother asking you because, you know, you being 1/2 century old, I thought you might send me some knee-high Converse socks or something on accident. I should have had more faith in you mother dear, because you nailed it! ;)  

We had another mean game of 5x5 football on Monday. My team got absolutely wrecked though, even though we had Elder Finau on our team. You remember Elder Finau? We talked a bit before the mish because we both got our calls together, same day, same place. And now I'm his Zone Leader here in Kura, and he's my next door neighbor. It's so sweet! 

Okay... Funniest thing ever happened on Saturday. Elder Johnson had a gay guy in his last area that was driving him crazy. He told me heaps of stories about him. All of the sudden we're sitting there in the car and we got a call from an unknown number. So I answered, and when this person started talking, immediately Elder Johnson said, "Oh my gosh...I know who this is." The fella flippin' got our number and asked Elder Johnson out! Haha, it was honestly so funny!

We had some pretty ridiculously mean lessons last night. We accidentally double-booked our appointments, so we had to go on trade-offs. Me and my companion at that time had a solid lesson. When we finished, we met up with the other elders and both of us invited our investigators with a baptism date, and both families said yes! It was mean as! Miracles are happening in Kura! The work is getting really hard, but we're still having success...and it's amazing! 

Well that's about it for now! I love you guys heaps!! 

Elder Butler 

If anyone is looking at buying a massive ship... I know where you can go!! ;)

Family photos!! #thebros

This is the BIG BIKKIE. It is the greatest ice cream bar on the planet! It's unbelievable. When I introduced the Bikkie to Elder Johnson for the first time, he spent around 30$ in one week...on pure Bikkies! ;) Ha!

We all wore our fat clothes on the same day... I hate this suit!! It's flippin' fat as! #slim=sexy ;) Lol! should be so proud. I made French Toast. Well I tried to make it. Also, I made some steak this week, and we made these delicious steak sandwiches! was phenomenal! ;) 

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