Monday, June 20, 2016

Pops...My Main Bro!

Kia ora!!!!!

Mean week. 

This week we had Zone Conferences with President and Sister Rudd. I love them heaps! It was hard to say goodbye, but let's be honest... I'll see them again in a month and 1/2. So it wasn't too depressing. But they have truly played a huge part in changing my life. Every time I listen to President Rudd, the Spirit is always unbelievable! I'm so glad he was my mission president for the majority of my mission! 

Last Monday we went to the Waiuku beach and played 6x6 football with the bros. It was flippin' mean as! All the sisters came as well, so it was a nice party! We were tied up at 6 touchdowns apiece, and we were playing to 7... so I walked over to line up, looked down, and there was a pool of blood around my foot! So the bros ran me over to the ocean water to clean it up. (Not the best feeling of all time!) I think I sliced it on a shell or something and it bled HEAPS!  I had to steal Elder Danhof's sock and tie my foot to make it stop bleeding. Then we got back to the flat and called Doctor Main (our bishop). So long story short, I ended up at the doctor's office for most of the night, for a little tiny cut on my foot. :/ But it was totally worth it...mean game of footie!

Honestly fam... I don't have much to tell you this week! Just know that I'm doing fine. I have heaps of pics though, and I'll talk about them. I'm excited to come home, but not too trunky yet. Hopefully I don't get trunky ever though...but all good! My companion and I get along great still. I'm hoping they'll let him kill me off. We're having success. The members seem to love us. We play ball all the time!! We work hard, and we're life's all good! 

Also.. Pops.. my main bro! It's not Father's day here in NZ, but I heard that it is in America! So happy flippin' Father's Day my friend! You're the absolute man! I love you heaps and hope you have a great day! Because of your example, I have been able to serve a long and hard mission, and heaps of lives have been blessed! I owe that success to you dad (and mama of course!) ;) So thank you so much!

I love you all heaps!

Elder Butler 

We made the bros some steak and egg burritos the other day! Mean... 

Me and the Bros. Johnson and Christensen 

Zone conference :)

We made another Title of Liberty, this time with the Gregory family. This picture is funny because we took 3 of them. And in every single picture, someone different isn't smiling. So I'm sending the one that I remembered to smile in...but sadly Alan and Faasolo forgot!! ;) 

Footie on the beach

This is my little cut that caused me so much grief!! It was a flippin' bleeder!! :/

Elder Butler wins the prize for the biggest burger. 🍔

Elder B can EAT! 

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