Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hello everyone!!

We had such a great week! Not much to say about it though! But first of all, we got a new companion. His name is Elder Vave Patea, from Apia, Samoa! We're training him for the first few weeks because he came early. So it's been a way fun week! He's the man! But being in a trio is weird. 

I went on two exchanges this week. One with Elder Lea'aetoa, and the other with Elder Thompson.  He is one of the APs. I didn't really know Elder Thompson before I went, but right when we started he said, "Elder Butler, I've played you in basketball a few times at Dixie State!" He played for Desert Hills. It was way cool--so we talked about ball a ton during the exchange! And the Elder Lea'aetoa exchange was the bomb too! He put me through the meanest workout ever (because he's flippin' jacked!) We had a dinner at a Samoan member's house... They told us, "Elders, you know the rules.. you can't leave until these plates are clean!" There was so much food on the table, I knew I was going to die!  Elder Lea'aetoa and I had 6 plates combined!! I was at the edge of my seat for the rest of the night! 

Our investigators from Brazil are SO awesome!  They all came to church yesterday and enjoyed it, and wanted to come next week! They are so sweet! We gave them their Books of Mormon in Portuguese and they have already started! Also at church, we had our Saudi Arabian investigator show up.  Which if you know Saudi--that was a miracle! Saudi Arabia is the Muslim capital of the world! And we had one of them in our building! Also... We ditched Priesthood class and went to the temple with him and one of our Korean investigators also! SO MEAN!!

We've been doing language study now... every single day!! Trying to teach Elder Patea English! I will tell you what though, I have gained a stronger testimony doing language study!! There's no way that Joseph Smith could have written the Book of Mormon. When Patea is reading it and doesn't understand a word... I have to whip out my dictionary also!! ;) 

Oh... I forgot. (I'm backtracking a little bit I'm sorry!) But mine and Elder Thompson's exchange was crazy!! We caught a wild bunny, then got our car stuck in the mud in the country. Luckily (30 minutes later) we found someone to tow us out. We also talked to some crazy people, got a free bag of doughnuts, and all sorts of crazy things!! It was definitely one that I'll never forget!! ;) 

That's about it for now! I will talk to you soon! I love you all!! Oh.. and we have a baptism on Saturday!! So excited! :) It's my first one in a while!

Ka kite,
Elder Butler 
This was the crew that ditched church and went to the temple! left to right... Lisa (Member from Cambodia), Jing (member from China), Jun (investigator from Korea), Omar (investigator from Saudi Arabia), Me (from the factory, motherland of Utah), Elder Patea (from Samoa), Elder Hopoate (also from Utah.. but half Tongan!! ;)  ) It was a solid trip!!

 The beautiful temple. Such a nice day yesterday! 

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