Sunday, July 12, 2015

Experiences in "Hammy-town"

Kia Ora!!:) 

What a solid week! 

Let me start out with my investigators! This week we took our investigators Flora and the Moñoska's  to the Visitors' Center. At different times of course! They were both such wonderful experiences. Flora has only been in New Zealand for 5 months now. She moved here from China to go to University. So we watched the Testaments in Mandarin Chinese. It was so sick! The spirit was so strong, even though I had no idea what they were saying!! ;)  All I heard was 我爱教会... But all good!! :) Then after that.. one of the Senior couple missionaries pulled up facetime on her Ipad and Facetimed her son who spoke Mandarin. So he was able to share his testimony with Flora and invite her to read the Book of Mormon!! It was So sick!! (I have a picture of it.. but I left my camera at the flat!! ;( I know mom.. you're gonna kill me when I get home!!) 

The Moñoska family was the bomb too! We gave them a tour of the V.C. in Spanish! They are our investigators from Columbia. Only the kids speak English! So the whole night was in Spanish! We watched movies, listened to/looked at the Christus, and we sang "I am a Child of God" in Spanish also!! It was a little rusty.. but all good!! ;) 

Speaking of Spanish.. We have a member in our ward.. The flippin' man!! His name is Rawiri (Rah wee ree.. roll R's).  He just returned from the Tucson, Arizona Spanish speaking mission!! So we had a nice chat about the breeding territory for champions!! ;) 

My goodness... The Man!!! We found a guy while we were tracting...Golden!! His name is Seamus (Shay muss... it's Gaelic).  He's straight from Ireland!! He has a wife and 2 or 3 kids! He was keen as to have us come over!! I'm way excited about him! 

Okay.. this news is sad and awesome at the same time!! ;) During the middle of teaching Gospel Principles yesterday, one of our members starting having unreal chest pains, and couldn't breathe. We thought it was a heart attack, but it ended up being a little lower near the stomach! So we gave him a blessing and called the ambulance! They hurried and checked him out and carried him away on the stretcher. They asked him if he wanted anyone to come with him and he said, "My bros!" Which and Elder Hopoate! So I was pumped as!! We were right in there in the ambulance watching all these crazy things go in him as they took him to the hospital!! Man, I was living the dream!! During this whole experience I couldn't help but think about my Patriarchal Blessing, which mentions how my mission will help lead me down an educational pathway!! Flip... I found it! Well, I confirmed it! ;) 

Back to the Visitors Center.  I walk in on Friday with the Moñoska's and there is Tom and Stella Filipo!! They had just received their Patriarchal Blessings and were at the V.C. It was so perfect!! I absolutely love them!! So lucky!! 

Last week we found people that were prepared for McKay Butler specifically!! Edmond and Jared! Edmond we found while tracting.. and Jared we found at a members home (friend of their daughter.) Both tall white guys. "So tell me about yourself man!" - Elder Butler to Edmond... "Well.. God has told me to play basketball!!" Haha they were both keen as!! They really want to learn, and at the same time, we'll get some ballin' in!! Jared is like 6'5 and looks like Ryan Andrus, just not as tall! But I sensed that he was a baller the second he walked in the room with the brand new Kobe's!! ;) Love it!! 

Speaking of Ball... I balled hard as on Monday! We played with Elder Myers and Manoa, Taufa and Fellingham. They brought some bros over from their ward! They own Gyms here in Hamilton, so they hooked us up with some Protein and they were ballers!! So much fun!! After that we played some volley!! Wow... I was in heaven!! 

That's all for now whanau! :) I love you all! :) I need some time to write others! ;) 

Elder Butler 

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