Monday, December 21, 2015


Hey Fam!! :)

Elder Butler here with another mean week in Tauranga! 

Starting off, we went to Mt. Maunganui on Monday. But instead of going up the mount like last time, we traveled around it! It was beautiful! I don't know which one was more amazing! We got to put our legs in the water, and it was wonderful! The water felt unreal and it was clear as! We found this little island off of the mount, so we walked through the water and played on it for a bit! But I think the best part was starfish hunting. I called it hunting, but it was more like "gathering" since they don't move...but it was sweet! There were heaps of starfishies!

Elder Jonsson got a Christmas package. He said, "Oh, I'm going to wait for Christmas to open it." Psht... lies! I tempted him to open it for a few days and he finally gave in. He got heaps of Swedish candy... and it. was. absolutely. disgusting! My goodness, I don't know how he can choke that rubbish down! I had an easier time eating balut and frog legs than his candy. It consisted of the strongest black licorice I have ever tasted... and that's all...2kg's worth! Yuck!

Also, going along with Elder Jonsson-I don't know if I've told you this yet-but he is the all-time WORST snorer in the history of snoring! He beats Grandpa Butler! I have to wake him up every single night! Sometimes I beat him with my pillow until he wakes up. Other times I shake his bed by pulling the little handle on the side as hard as I can. That might be contributing to my lack of energy lately! ;) I feel bad though, because I make fun of him about it all the time! 

We volunteered for a massive event they had in the Mount the other day. It's called Christmas in the park! It was huge! So that was heaps of fun being out in the community meeting lots of people! Everyone was very grateful for our service as well which was beautiful! ;) But I got fried! We were able to wear our PDay clothes for this service, and I was all pumped to get rid of my collar tan line. I didn't use any sunscreen (how stupid), and I am so fried!! :/

So that's about it this week, but I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas! So..... MERRY CHRISTMAS!! There you go! ;) I love Christmas! I love it because I love Jesus Christ! I'm more than grateful for him! I love my family as well, and miss you heaps! I'll see your faces, (some more pretty than others... sorry pops), on Thursday or Friday though, and I'm so pumped! :) So have a wonderful all deserve it!

Love ya heaps,
Elder Butler

YAU.... king of the rock!! And there's nothin' you girls can do about it! :) Name the movie! :) (It was Mulan, btw.) 

A little bay area off of the mount. 
Me and the Bros!
If anyone ever wants to join me.. there's an open space to the left! ;)

Finding Starfish.
Elder Butler trying to crack open some Kaimoana (seafood) ;) Muscles
This is my friend.. He's waving as well!! ;) #starfishhunting
Elder Jonsson's camera is waterproof,  so here is a starfishy under the water.

One of our members took this of us. We were in the MTC with their daughter, and he sent this pic to her.. and she sent it to us! ;)

Zone Meeting training. Elder Chan-Sau drew a pic for us for our training! ;)
For helping at the Christmas in the park we were given these little wooden signs..I'm pretty proud of it! ;) Haha, mean as!

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