Monday, February 2, 2015

Dogs... :/

Hey there everyone!! :) 

It's me.. Elder Butler.. You've probably forgotten who i am because i've been gone for so long!! ;) But i'm writing you this email anyways!! :) 

Not much to talk about.. again.. for this week. Tons of meetings and not a lot of missionary work because of it. 

We did go back over to Clinton's last Monday to work on our Cook Island war clubs again.. They're way sick. I can't wait til he carves on them though.. because they'll be much nicer. He also made us shirts, and they're hilarious.. I'll send some pictures in a minute. 

Man.. Manurewa... Home of the most vicious dogs on this earth!! I absolutely hate them!! No wonder the islanders eat them here (i'm praying that they'll feed me some sometime because i heard they're nice as.) So me and Lingwall were walking down this long driveway where it splits off into two driveways. One of them is our investigator Isi (Tongan) and the other is a house we can't get into because of a massive gate. This time though.. there were three dogs behind the gate going crazy as we walked by. While we were walking by, watching them bark, one of them jumps and gets on the middle of the gate and starts climbing over!! I wish we could have recorded Me and Lingwall!! We were like.. "oh crap.. run!!" The dog jumps over the fence and starts chasing us!! So i found a fence.. and leaped over it!! But i couldn't jump as high with my 200lb bag on my back.. so i hit my shin on the top of the fence and went down (luckily on the other side) !! ;) Meanwhile.. Lingwall is fast.. and he just bolted down the road!! ;) I seriously wish someone was recording it because, now that i look back, it was absolutely hilarious!! But it was terrifying at the time!! ;) 

My last story for the day happened a couple days ago!! We were tracting when we found this man washing his car!! I don't remember his name because it was crazy!! But we asked him where he was from and he said Kyrgyzstan. He told us his whole story of how he escaped his country by foot and traveled to Pakistan, then found a way to China so he could fly to New Zealand! I guess in his country.. they just kill people!! All the time!! He said.. "you could pay someone 5 bucks.. and they kill!!" and "If they find me.. or if i go back to my country... They execute me!!" I was like.... DANG!! Good on ya brotha!! He's the man!! 

That's all the crazy stories for the week!! On the spiritual side though... Keanu is getting baptized on Saturday!! He is so excited!! :) He's loving church.. and loves us coming over because he feels the spirit really strong!! And the members have done a great job fellowshipping.. so it's been really great!!
I just finished Alma for the 3rd time... I'll probably finish the Book of Mormon pretty soon!! It's so wonderful!! 

That's all... I love you all!! :) Have a wonderful week!! :) 

Moce, (mow-they) (goodbye in Fiji)
Elder Butler 

Making our clubs at Clinton's 
The shirts that Clinton made us!! Solid As!! :)

I read over the scripture my dear mama gave me during Junior High basketball season!! It still applies to me today.. just in a different way!! :) Love you mama!! (Alma 26:27)

White handbook... "do not keep pets of any kind!!" Well sorry... this little puppy is too cute to keep that rule!! ;) 
So... do you want some grass!!?
The country side of our area.

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