Monday, October 13, 2014

Seeing Miracles Through Hard Work

Kia Ora everyone!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week. I sure did.. If you were wondering;) 

First off... Mother... stop swearing on hikes! (that was a hilarious story though!) 

Second... Mother... I honestly haven't been able to take pictures because my area is ugly as!! You'll have to wait! I will take pictures!! The next transfer is in late November!! So pray for me:)

Next.. Me and Elder Wangsgard pretty much killed it this week! In the mission.. the average for "other lessons taught" is about 10-15 per week. So during weekly planning we decided to set an outrageous goal of 40 other lessons in a week!! We worked our butts off every single day!! Even with conference taking up like 10 hours of our time.. We still managed to get our 40th lesson only 1 hour before we were supposed to go inside on our last day!! It honestly was a miracle. When the Zone Leaders called for the weekly report and we told them our numbers... Elder Wark's reaction was to die for! (in his funny as Scottish accent) "What?!! You had 40 other lessons? How in the heck did you do that Elders?" It was so sick! 

But we definitely saw some miracles this week for working hard. My favorite though was a lady named Kylie... We passed her house on our bikes and her and her husband were sitting outside.  As we passed, Elder Wangsgard said, "I've tried them, they don't like us!" But since we had our goal, we had to go back and talk to them. As I started getting to know them and sharing the message of the restoration, I bore my testimony of how it could bless their lives, and they said we could come back. We went back a few days later to share the Restoration in more detail. But as we were talking, Kylie just started balling in the middle of our lesson.. We learned that her best friend was murdered the week before and she had a ton of questions. So we listened for a bit, and flipped our message to the Plan of Salvation! It was so awesome because the Gospel of Jesus Christ had every answer she was looking for. She committed to read the Book of Mormon and to pray and all that good stuff.. So it was solid as!!
Also.. We finally got a date for Lakopo's baptism.. He'll be baptized on the 24th of October, and he's just pumped as!  The cool thing about him is his wife is a member.. and they really want to be sealed.. and if i'm still here in NZ, I'll be able to follow them to the Temple and go through with them. So i hope that all goes down as planned!
Conference was amazing!! I went with only 2 questions that I needed answered. During President Uchtdorf's first talk on Saturday, I was writing some notes down on my paper when i got this crazy feeling to look up.  He then answered my question perfectly!! I felt the spirit for sure! It was amazing!! All the talks were very good. I also enjoyed when President Eyring said (in his awesome emotional voice) "He. knows. your. name!" That hit me also! It's an amazing thought that Heavenly Father knows me personally.. He knows me by name!! Very cool! 
Well that's all I've got this week... I have 1 transfer down.. but still stuck here in Manurewa. But it's been so great!
Oh.. One last thing.. it's kind of funny. So in our area, we have something we call the IC or Indian Central where literally every single house is Indian! It's way funny because when we talk to them we start off saying like.. how are you, and all that stuff.. but then we say "Oh, are you Indian?" They say yes.  "Man that's awesome.. are you from Fiji?" They say yes.  "Suva?" Yep... "Oh sweet...are you Hindu?"  Yes!  Then they're like, "Man... you pretty much know my whole life story!!" It's way funny because literally like 95% of the Indians are Hindus from Suva, Fiji, so you're almost always right.. and they get pretty pumped! :)
That's all!!


Elder Butler

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