Monday, August 25, 2014

Last Day at the MTC!!

Malo e lelei everyone,
Fefe Hake...So I know you're not happy with me because i haven't sent any pictures yet. It's because the MTC rules are ridiculously crazy. So on my first P day, i'll send a bunch of pictures. but don't be too excited because MTC pictures aren't the greatest. I did take a few of the temple trip we took though.
So anyways... I love you all! The mission life is pretty good so far. I enjoy dedicating my whole day to the Lord! It really feels awesome. I got the opportunity to give my companion, elder Lau, a blessing last night. It was a very good experience. The spirit has been so strong here.
The other day I was telling my buddy Elder Gutke that i was having a hard time with a few things.. esspecially with companions. I now know that the Lord has a sense of humor because later that night i was asked to give a talk in a fireside on that same thing.
Volleyball is, no doubt, the funnest thing about the MTC. I've been telling people, If I keep playing with these guys...I'm going to the pros when i come home:) The brown fellas are amazing. Elder Taufa and Toa's sets are phenomenal and i just hammer them:) so sick.
We have a teacher named sister Vai Kei. She's way when we've been studying for hours, we get to take a break and learn Tongan. It's so sweet. I've learned things from a bunch of different languages while I've been here though like Tongan, Samoan, Tagalog, French, and a little Manderin Chinese.
I've finally burst out of my shell when it comes to singing... I've sung every hymn so far. We sang Army of Heleman the other day, and i was gettin me some. :) I even know how to sing "Whaka Ria Mai" (How Great Thou Art in Maori).
So today is my last day here. I'm getting picked up at 8:00 tomorrow morning to go to Hamilton! I'm more than happy to leave the MTC. I'm ready to actually experience New Zealand.
Sister Kei told me something cool the other day... "Many people get the opportunity to wear basketball shoes, but not very many people get to wear the Lord's shoes!" And that's what i'm doing right now! I'm very excited to help people change their lives!
Oh and by the way... I'm learning the Island life! Its pretty cool. They share EVERYTHING. If someone likes your shoes, you give it to them. I gave my boy Elder Enoka from Samoa my black running shoes because he needed some, and he gave me his Lava Lava. If you're hungry.. you look at their plate, and they'll hand it to you. So every time i come over.. I get more stuff than i need so i can give it all away!!:) haha it's awesome.
Tell Riley he needs to email me so i can talk to him. i'm so happy he's going on a mission! that's so good. He's going to love it.
And Jaycee & Baylee... I promise i'll write you soon! I don't have very much time on the computer in the MTC, but once i get out in the field, i'll have more time most likely.
 'Oku ou ofa atu... I love you all... i miss you bunches!! And be expecting pictures next week sometime hopefully.
everyone's favorite palangi brotha,
Elder Butler

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