Thursday, August 14, 2014

Finally Arrived!

Kia ora family,
I hope you're not worrying about me, because you shouldn't.. Let's be honest here... I'm in Paradise. I've never seen anything like New Zealand....Ever!
I'm finally settled into the MTC. It's been a great couple days. Today we got to go to the Hamilton Temple with our zone, and it was awesome. Craziest thing ever happened.... The person that helped me through the temple was the temple president..but not only was he the president.. He was Sidney Going, one of the best all blacks in NZ history. So sick! 
I've made some good buddies while I've been here. I thought of dad the second I made them also because my buddy elder Fine (Fee Nay) is who I've been chillin with lately. I'm teaching him how to pray in English for the devotional tonight. He's a big Tongan fella. It's kind of a bummer.. all the brown people have to stay in the MTC for 6 weeks so I'm not in their district, but we still find time to hang out.
The different cultures and nationallites are crazy here. My room is me, elder Selma from the Philipeans, and elder Lau from Hong Kong. It's awesome because nobody speaks English. We have people from Tonga, Samoa, Tahitti, Vanuatu, Sweden, Australia, Fiji, Philipeans, and a few others I can't even pronounce. So the languages are so sick. Yesterday we sang "I am a Child of God" in our native languages, and the spirit was so strong even though it sounded terrible.  My buddies elder Fine and elder Tauraa (Toww rah ah) call me a Palangi. I guess that's a white person in Tongan??
Well anyways... I don't have much to say really because I've only been here for 2 days, but it's been a good stay so far. I've learned a little Tongan, been to the temple, met a NZ legend, and learned more about the gospel...what more could you ask for? I love you all, and miss you tons!
Elder Butler